Allow me to introduce myself as Saransh, currently residing in the vibrant city of Berlin. Having experienced a life of constant relocations, I have been fortunate to encounter a rich tapestry of cultures owing to my Indian roots. My journey has taken me through diverse cities such as Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Bangalore, Mumbai, New Delhi, and Gurugram, as well as Berlin, where I have lived and worked.

My passion for technology ignited during high school when I opted for computer classes as an extracurricular activity. Fate led me to the Web design class instead of Computer Science, where I was exposed to the fascinating world of HTML, CSS, and VBscript. Eager to explore beyond the curriculum, I began experimenting and creating websites. This curiosity led to my first professional opportunity when a cousin connected me with a printing firm seeking a website. Though I lacked experience and faced some chaos, I embraced the challenge with enthusiasm.

Being a natural problem solver, I embarked on a journey of research and learning to meet the client's expectations. This experience laid the foundation for my insatiable thirst for knowledge and an undying commitment to solving any challenges that come my way. From that point on, I embraced various disciplines, spanning from Web design and development to Graphic design, Motion design, Product design, App development, AR/VR, and more.

As I expanded my skills, I even ventured into the e-commerce realm, creating and managing my own jewelry store. The process was intense, encompassing branding, social media marketing, product inventory, and delivery logistics. Yet, the experience was rewarding, and it instilled in me a profound adaptability to any environment.

Having worked across two continents and taken on freelance projects globally, my portfolio has grown to encompass a diverse range of projects, including Feature Films, Television Series, Advertising, Commercials, Social Media campaigns, and Corporate endeavors. For me, each project, regardless of its scale, is an opportunity to acquire new insights and foster personal growth.

Today, I am a dedicated full-time motion designer, yet I continually draw from my background in web and other disciplines to infuse meaning and creativity into my work. My philosophy is to never limit myself to challenges; instead, I embrace each one as a chance to push beyond my limits.

Join me on this thrilling journey of discovery and continuous learning, for there is always something new to explore and a wealth of knowledge to gain. Together, let us embrace the boundless possibilities that await us.