My name is Saransh. I have relocated a lot; right now, I'm residing in Berlin. I had the good fortune to encounter a large diversity of culture throughout my life because I was born and raised in India. Up to now, I have resided and worked in Berlin, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Bangalore, Mumbai, New Delhi, and Gurugram. I make friends everywhere, but maintaining friendships is a whole other story. I have been working since high school. I chose extra curricular activity as computer class and because I was not eligible to sit in the Computer science class, I ended up in Web design class. We were taught HTML, CSS and VBscipt. I used this knowledge to start creating websites and start experimenting with stuff that we were not yet taught. I was so curious. With this knowledge I landed my very first gig through a cousin to make a website for a printing firm. I still remember the names, people and my first cheque. It was a hassle and a bit chaotic because at that time I had limited knowledge of not only my skills but also how to handle a client. They had expectations because they were paying, regardless of my experience. Instead of turning their expectations down I start researching, learning and finding solutions online of all the things that they want which I cannot do. And I think this was the start of me building this nature of becoming a problem solver. No matter what challenges I face I always look for "How can I solve this?" or "What's the alternative?". This habit has taught me a great deal. I have learned so many tools, tips and created my own solutions to problem not only in my field but in any field that I dig in. From Web design, Web development, Graphic design, Motion design, Product design, App development, AR/VR and so many other things. I even started my own e-commerce jewellery store as an experiment to learn everything I can about this field. Not only how to build a brand but also how to sustain a brand, social media marketing, product inventory, delivery and gazillion other things. It was exhausting but it was so much fun and I learned a lot. I became Jack of all trades. Highly adaptive to my environment and always eager to learn more. I worked in 2 continents but I worked on freelance projects for clients all over the world. Feature Films, Television Series, Advertising, Commercials, Social Media, Corporate, and so many other amazing things. There's no big or small gig, for me every gig is an opportunity to learn something new and grow even more. There's so much to learn and every knowledge is so valuable. I am a full time motion designer since few years now but I still use my knowledge of web and other things to create cool meaning-full stuff. Don't limit your challenges. Challenge your limits.