Creating visual narratives for brands and causes. Creative problem solver with a knack for making art and animation that engages and sparks conversations. I am a curious person with few years of experience in Motion Design. I am always eager to collaborate and welcome any and all opportunities to grow.

I make stuff that moves people ! 

Saransh Sharma


Focus Open - International Design Award Baden-Württemberg 2021 - Silver

ADC Global Awards 2020 - 1x Silver, 3x Merit

ADC Germany 2020 - 1x Silver, 4x Bronze

Deutscher Digital Award 2020 - 2x Silver

Golden Award of Montreux 2020 - 2x Gold, 3x Finalist

New York Advertising Festival 2020 - 4x Finalist

Popai Award 2020 - 1x Gold

Webby Award 2020 - People's Voice Winner

Ad stars 2020 - 1x Gold

Annual Multimedia Awards 2020 - 1x Silver

Clio Awards 2019 - 1x Bronze




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